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iRemote Control Anything

Mike Lee

Automate it

Have you ever walked away from your car then wondered if you have pressed the lock button?

Have you ever left home just to realize you forgot to close the garage door?

Combine it

How many remotes do you have? Two or more car remotes, garage remote, gate remote, but they are scattered throughout.

Control it

Do you have an existing device that needs to be upgraded or simply hard to reach?

iRemoteControl has the ability to automatically control your existing remotes and devices, at the same time combine all your remotes into the iPhone. Also makes a great backup incase you lose your keys or Remote!

Hello, my name is Mike Lee. About 3 years ago, I had this idea to replace remote control car key fobs using the iPhone, but I sat on it waiting for someone else to do it. Someone did, but after about $150.00 in materials, and the need for a professional to install it (which probably cost hundreds too), I thought it was time for me to come up with a better solution.

My version would be simple, easy to install by ANYONE, and most of all, cheap considering the alternatives. While I was designing my prototype, I thought, why stop at car remotes? Wouldn't it be great to control anything that has a button: garage doors, home alarms, you name it! We could deploy this across any industry! Not only are you in control of anything, you can improve existing devices.

What is it?

Bluetooth PCB board (Bluetooth Hub)

At it's heart, it's a Bluetooth Hub that connects to any iOS device using 4.0 BT standards. This means, the latest iPhone4s and iPad can be used as the controller to control all your existing remotes and devices.

The second part is the Actuator. The actuator can be attached to any existing remote then controlled with your iPhone!

Magic button Actuator (optional)

How do you use it?

It's as easy as 1...2......hum... where's the 3?

First, the actuator is held to anything with industrial double-sided tape. Just stick the actuator onto anything. If you have 3 buttons on your car remote, you'll probably want to use 3 actuators and so on.

Second, download and install the app from the app store. Take a picture of whatever device you are planning to control. Assign the virtual buttons on top of the picture you just took, and you are done!

Assigning Virtual Buttons

Third, if you are controlling a car remote, hide your car remote in your car.

The Details.

Our fully functioning prototype can have a maximum of four relays that can control the Actuator from each Bluetooth Hub. You can control more Bluetooth Hubs with our Pro App. The Free app only allows connection to one Bluetooth Hub.

Each Bluetooth Hub can be battery powered, car powered or home powered. Because it's Bluetooth, you don't need to worry about configuring network settings. It'll just connect. It will be small and portable so you can take it with you.

The more Bluetooth Hubs you have, the more you can control: Just swipe between devices! As you can imagine, you can have all your devices, once scattered about, all in your iPhone! The possibilities are limitless!

Anyone in the family can control any device as long as they have an iPhone or iPad.

Magic button is optional. For the Techies, all you need is the Bluetooth Hub and you can direct wire up to anything, such as cars, garage door remotes, gate openers, light-switches, etc. Practically anything that can be controlled with a relay!

If you do use the Actuator, just peel off the backing to the sticky tape and adhere it to whatever you wish to push. The top of the actuator is a button itself so you can manually push the top of the magic button as well.

What industries can this be used in?

  • Automobile 
    • Unlocking, Starting, and opening powered doors 
  • Home automation
    • Limitless, door locks, automated window shades, alarms... 
  • Commercial building maintenance 
    • Out of reach exit signs 
  • Health / Handicapped 
    • Any item that is hard to reach by handicapped persons. 
  • Farming / Commercial equiptments 
    • Activating a water valve without getting out of tractor. 
  • Sports Education 
  • Security 
  • Technology 
    • Computers and peripherals 
  • Photography 
    • Remotely take a picture with your SLR camera. 
  • Toys 
  • and many more uses on existing devices...

Why we need your help...

I have invented a lot of stuff in the past, but the biggest pain is not knowing exactly what the market demand is. I think Indiegogo is a GREAT place for this. It accomplishes two things: One, the more support I get, the more likely I know this is a great idea! Second, it really does start this project right away so we can take this to production now! The more support we get, the cheaper it will be and the more hands we can get this into.

What will your help do?

  • Schematic layout design, component identification, Bill of Materials for the new PCB board 
  • PCB printing 
  • Tooling and an expert designer for the enclosure for the Bluetooth hub 
  • Additional development fees 
  • Manufacturing The "Magic Button" will be re-engineered to a smaller size. 
  • Assembly, testing and packaging cost money too. 
  • Oh and of course Shipping. 
  • Automation. I'd really like to upgrade the current app to include additional features such as location awareness (imagine walking away from your car and having it automatically lock/unlock, or start?), security, and a bunch of other stuff. 
  • The more you pledge, the cheaper the final product price will be. 
    •  If we don't make our goal, it will be a big disappointment. However, if there are some contributions, we'll put the money towards whichever reward level gets the most funding. Meaning if you put more funding towards the actuator then we'll fine tune the actuator more. If more funding is towards the bluetooth Hub, then we'll put the remaining money on developing the bluetooth hub. We need at least $50,000 for the bluetooth hub, while needing $19,000 for the actuator. Keep in mind that because you need the Bluetooth board to do most of the control, the final decision will weigh towards developing the Bluetooth hub. Anything less we'll put towards further app development. You input also will sway our opinion on which to develop further first.

You pledge is not all we need!

  1. There might be some applications we missed, so drop me a note! 
  2. Because we are pre production, we can use your input. Let me know what you think the final product should look like. I'd be happy to design this with you in mind. And if you happen to be a designer out there, we'd be more than happy to hear from you too! 
  3. Tell your friends, tell the world!

Thank you!