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Nedi Safa


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Nedi Safa
I'm incredibly jazzed to be posting my first project here. My goal is to cover studio production time and CD pressing of my single "Not a One of Us", an Autism anthem. Another goal I have is to crowd-source the music video footage by inviting as many people as possible to record themselves singing "Not a One of Us" or a part of the song and uploading it onto YouTube to be part of the music video.

I've performed the song live several times and I would really like to make it available to as many people as possible. I think the message of inclusion is so important for everyone to hear and music is the best way I know to share it.

I will be posting images of my son's past artwork that is being offered for different rewards shortly [they are now posted on the "updates" tab]. Please join me in my goals, and pass this project on... everyone's included.

With joy,