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CrowdFundBeat's Silicon Valley Meets Crowdfunders & Left Field Design

posted Apr 6, 2014, 9:36 PM by Sallar Khorram
After a fantastic couple of days up in Palo Alto the CrowdFund Beat organized "Silicon Valley Meets Crowdfunders" Convention is over...

We at 
CrowdFunding Planning had the pleasure of being present at this momentous event hosted by our good friend Sydney Armani of Event's such as this one really show that the crowdfunding community is here... and we're here to stay. Our own CKO David Khorram was asked to speak regarding CrowdFunding Planning and our work in social media and boosting organic social reach.

To read a little more about our celebration of the second anniversary of the JOBS act signed by President Obama please visit the CrowdFund Beat article: (

On a serendipitous note, while at the conference I ran into Rich, creator of the KeyClip and KeyCase, which believe it or not I funded a few months ago. I've added a link of his campaign below because I believe this can be used as somewhat of a template for other future aspiring campaign owners. His overall organization and presentation coupled with an amazing product is a great framework for crowdfunders. The amount of post campaign communication along with the quality of updates is what causes my continued hope that reward-based crowdfunding will not fade away with time. (
 I can't wait to recieve my own KeyClip with the RF blocking shield!

Rich's company Left Field Design based in Menlo Park, CA also created the Chain Luber a product which frankly I'm surprised wasn't created years ago. With it's well thought out design, no drip cap, and perfect functionality it is a requirement for every cycler and you can find it on Amazon! 
By: Sallar Khorram